Printing on fabric or your product,
decal printing and digital printing on textiles

Printing on


We print environmentally friendly paints, Plastizol and water-based paints.

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Decal printing

We specialize in making all kinds of decals, which are of superior quality and high durability.

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Digital Printing

on textiles

We have focused on the latest technology printing on textiles, high-performance and high resolution.

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Print on Organizers, calculators, lighters, pens, umbrellas.

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You need a print on textiles?

We have excellent industrial drive with automatic machines for high quality print on all kinds of textiles.

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Why choose us?

We have the experience - behind us is many years of successful and continuous action in a very demanding market.
Since the beginning of the 1990th year, our main goal is customer satisfaction, and we are therefore in constant contact with you so that together we come up with results that will be to our mutual satisfaction. Professional customer care is something that gives us a competitive advantage and encourages us to continuous improvement.
We have excellent industrial drive with automatic machines where the daily capacity ranging from 2500 to 6000 pieces, and guaranteed fast and efficient service.
We are flexible. Additional changes can be easily arranged at any time, and rounded prepress process allows immediate change at any time. We adapt the system to the client, not the client system.
A wide range of adjustment and constant updates on the market that allows the client to adapt to every situation.
Experience, expertise and new technologies guarantee the safety and reliability are talking about the testimony of our clients.

Screen Print

We print environmentally friendly dyes, plastisol and water-based paints. We are able to make a lot of different combinations in the press, and various fashion effects such as glitter, puff (swelling print), 3D printing, wet printing ...
Every request we manufacture according to customer, so that the final product is of superior quality. Preparations are made on film and foil, in order to achieve more accurate and higher quality printing.
Fleet consists of automatic printing machines, industrial machines for fixing, automatic flatbed machine, automatic press for transfer, tampons, digital textile machine, digital printers for label + cutter and manual machines.


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